During my last visit to Iran, I sought the participation of my loved ones in a photo session. Some were hesitant to reveal their faces, so I suggested they conceal them while discussing the reasons for their reluctance. This series, "Anonymous," complements the collection "Interior & Exterior," which is now exhibited in the Lyon museum

I don't want everyone to look at me

My social position is threatened

I'm not sure about the fate of this photo

I'm not photogenic

I'am camera shy

Because I'm afraid.

I'm afraid of losing my job.

Because my husband doesn't like it!

I don't want to take pictures without my veil.

Because I'm going to take the university entrance exam.

I'm not photogenic! I'm very ugly!

Because I am overweight.

Lida GHODSI  Intérieur, Extérieur Téhéran, Lyonn, MusLida GHODSI  Intérieur, Extérieur Téhéran, Lyonn, Mus